The new Mercedes CLA is partially visible in this teaser. We tell you everything we know so far about him and what we can expect.

The Mercedes CLA begins to appear in this teaser, what can we expect from it?

Teaser of the Mercedes CLA

One of the most talked about in this compact 2018 that is about to end is the Mercedes Class A. The signature model of the star has been completely renewed , introducing a very high technological load, among which stands out the MBUX system that explained to you my partner Alejandro in the videoprueba of the Mercedes Class A 180 d.

We have also already known the data and design of the Mercedes Class A Sedan. It is the four-door body of the German model, although it has not yet reached the market and, therefore, we have not been able to drive it. The next variant to reach Class A will be the Mercedes CLA , which is already partially visible in the teaser that we leave in the header.

The brand of the three-pointed star launched on this cold December morning a teaser announcing that the aforementioned Mercedes CLA will be presented worldwide at CES 2019 (Consumer Electronics Show). It is not the first car brand to be seen in any CES event, showing its technological advances , among which the infotainment systems tend to stand out.

Mercedes justifies presenting the new CLA there on the occasion of the exhibition of the MBUX system , which As you know it is very intelligent and learns from the users of the vehicle to facilitate the task; has artificial intelligence . Later, we intuit, it will be presented again at the Detroit Motor Show, making its first appearance in Europe at the Geneva Motor Show.

Regarding the teaser itself, the image lets us see partially the lateral part of the body. We can appreciate the characteristic sedan coupe style , with a very curved and smooth roof from the front pillar to the end of the rear. The truth is that, at least in this view and because of what the image shows us, it is very similar to the predecessor model , maintaining that essence that Tango liked.

We can hardly talk of its mechanical , although we could practically discard the 180 d version of 116 hp, as it did the previous model. The new CLA, almost certainly, will be available with gasoline versions called 200 (163 hp) and 250 (225 hp). There will also be some diesel mechanics, such as 200 do 220 d.

Later should come the sportier versions signed by AMG , such as the Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 and more Mercedes-AMG CLA 45, although for them we will probably have to wait until 2020.

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