The rumors about the revival of the Toyota MR2 are becoming stronger, although to reach the production could make it become an electric model

The rebirth of the mythical Toyota MR2 could be given in electric key

Toyota MR2

A few days ago my colleague Diego Avila told us about the possibility that Toyota MR2 and Celica could come back to life. Like the Supra , both models abandoned the Japanese manufacturer's catalog, and to this day, they have not had a direct successor. It is true that the GT86 has covered, in part, their absences, but it is also true that Supra, MR2 and Celica had different approaches.

However, Toyota I would be thinking very much what to do, because the sports segment is in the doldrums. Many might think that with the size of the manufacturer, developing a product like that is easy, but it is not. The investment that would involve the development of an MR2 is very difficult to make profitable. In this way, it would be lost money that could go to other models more "lucrative" as the SUV's .

 Toyota MR2

Considering this situation, in the past International Motor Show in Paris , Matt Harrison, head of marketing at Toyota Europe, made a statement. In them, he confirmed that the dome of the manufacturer is discussing what to do with the Toyota MR2 . Among the proposals for its development there are two that charge more weight. The first would be an agreement with another manufacturer and the second would propose a electrified version .

How could a hypothetical Toyota MR2 be?

If the brand takes the first road, would be something similar to what was done with BMW and the Supra. For this, they would have to reach an agreement with a manufacturer willing to develop a similar model. After that, they have to think what engine to use, because it has to be economic , reliable and with relative power. In this approach, it comes to mind Mazda , because the next generation of the MX-5 should be in the discussion phase, and we do not believe that Fiat remains in the agreement.

However, the option of converting the "next" Toyota MR2 into an electric model is the one that most seems to become reality. The TNGA platform of the brand is prepared to accommodate a electric taxi train and its corresponding battery. In this way, they could place the engine behind the front seats, favoring the distribution of weights. The problem is in the autonomy of your battery , because it will have to be checked with the final sale price.

In any case, if the Toyota MR2 had the approval of the brand , it would not reach the market before 2020 or 2021. We will have to wait for the rumors to become a reality, although while "who does not like to dream".

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