It starts on Friday in the Mexico GP of F1 2018 with the free 1 and 2, where the problems of tires and the green track have been protagonists

F1 Grand Prix of Mexico 2018: Results of free practice

Red Bull 2018 F1

The GP of Mexico of F1 2018 starts />, remember that the rain forecasts here are quite high, so it could fall some rain during the weekend, although it is not typical in this circuit, but it seems that this year could happen. However, although the forecasts of the FIA ​​were very high, the meteorology seems to have given a truce and not a drop has fallen during the sessions of free sessions 1 and 2. In the first it has been quite cold, something that has affected the tires generating graining, "the cold friend" of the blistering to understand ... Then the temperature has risen to about 20 º C environmental and about 40 on the track, something much higher than the first session.

With more temperature on the track, the tires should have behaved better, because the Pirelli with that cold have finished the free 1 very deteriorated, with many problems on the track sliding the cars on each curve for this problem . The pilots have stayed a lot for this, and all have come to the conclusion that it was difficult to drive here with these conditions, having some runway exits, spins and scares from some riders, although without serious consequences for any of them because the asphalt loopholes here do their job well ... although in fact, they are disastrous for the show.

Ferrari in front of Mercedes

You already know that this circuit is at a altitude of about 2000 meters above sea level, so air density is lower. This has a direct impact on the engine, although much less in these turbo when compressed than in atmospheric, where there was a significant drop in performance. In the case of the turbo you can always increase the RPM of this to inject a little more air and not lower the CV of the engine. But be careful, because that could cause reliability problems in the race ... And not only the mechanics are affected, being a less dense air, the aerodynamics is also quite affected, so a car like Red Bull that has a grip/impressive efficiency, here could be very strong (especially in race without those Ferrari and Mercedes engine maps).

And since we are talking about Ferrari and Mercedes , here the Ferraris are favorites, they should do the pole tomorrow and Sunday be ahead and get the victory if everything goes well and the Mercedes and they allow it. That is, without errors and under normal conditions should be leading. Mercedes is not bad, far from it, but it could be that they are not as strong as those of Maranello.Interesting to see how each one comes out and be careful because Sunday's outing could be a game of bowling ... Hamilton and Vettel left very bad in Mexico if they remember, we'll see this year. However, you already know that if Vettel does not win and Hamilton gets 5 points, it would be the 5th world champion without Ferrari being able to do anything ... and probably not for the constructors' championship.

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