We already have the dates of the Volkswagen Driving Experience 2019, with 3 types of courses and 5 different locations to improve your driving technique.

Here is the calendar of the Volkswagen Driving Experience 2019

School R Volkswagen Driving Experience 2018

On numerous occasions we have repeated to you the importance of, At least once in a lifetime, perform a good driving course . It is no longer just a question of enjoying driving more, learning to draw on the circuit, of knowing the limits of the car better or of knowing oneself at the wheel, but of considerably improving our safety and agility at the controls of any car.

We, for our profession, have had the luck of being able to take part in a multitude of courses , both of sports driving in circuit, as well as to know the Function and behavior of our car's active safety systems, such as offroad driving. Always in the hands of professional monitors who try to teach you as much as possible.

Volkswagen is one of the companies with the most courses we have done, so we can guarantee at first hand that your courses are an authentic experience . We always learn something new, we always leave with more confidence and, above all, with a greater sense of security to know that, faced with an unexpected situation, we will have more guarantees to solve the situation.

School 4Motion Volkswagen Driving Experience 2018

Three types of course

Today, the brand has announced its calendar for the different days of > Volkswagen Driving Experience 2019 . Whether or not you are a Volkswagen customer, you can sign up for their courses, which are divided into three different types:

  • Race Tour : Bring brand news to the drivers and its technology, allowing participants to learn how to extract maximum performance from each system. We have tests to gain agility such as braking on wet ground or maneuvers simulating the dodging of a hit on an animal, among others.
  • School R and GTI School : Here we are talking about improving the skills of drivers on the circuit, since it is a sport driving course. Likewise, this learning can be applied in daily life, because we will know the limits of the car and the reactions in extreme situations. The GTI School is designed for new drivers and the R School for more experienced people.
  • 4Motion School : This type of course focuses on taking advantage of the offroad capabilities of SUV models. the company. We learn driving techniques outside the asphalt and also to use the different current assistance systems for the offroad practice, always with the guarantee of the total traction. In addition, there are also courses of the 4Motion School on ice and snow, which in this case are held in Andorra.

Dates of the different Volkswagen Driving Experience 2019

Volkswagen Driving Experience at the Monteblanco Circuit
  • January 19 and 20 : 4Motion School in Andorra
  • March 26th to 31st : Offroad Adventure in Morocco
  • 24th and 25th May >: Race Tour, R School and GTI School at the Circuit of Navarra
  • June 27-29 : Race Tour, R School and GTI School at the Jarama Circuit li>
  • October 25 and 26 : Race Tour, R School and GTI School at the Castellolí Circuit
You can know more details, availability, places available and prices here. You may be interested
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