The Skoda Scala has reported its exterior dimensions, interior space, trunk, platform, motorizations, security and technology in detail.

We already know the "vital organs" of the Skoda Scala, the new compact

Skoda Scala camouflaged front profile

Just ten days ago the Czech brand officially made the name of what will be its new compact model, the Skoda Scala . Although the Octavia uses the compact MQB platform such as the Volkswagen Golf or the Seat Leon, the truth is that due to its silhouette and external measurements it is closer to the D segment than to the C segment. Now, with the new Scala, the brand will occupy that hollow, also replacing the Spaceback.

Much sooner than we would expect, the Czech car firm has launched several images of camouflaged units so we can get used to it. to the shape of your body. However, the most interesting is all the important information about this model that has given us, such as dimensions, engines, trunk or technology. Let's see it.

Dimensions of the new Skoda Scala

The Skoda Scala is based on the MQB platform A0 of the Volkswagen Group, the same used by other models such as the Seat Ibiza or the Volkswagen Polo. In this case, the exterior dimensions are 4,362 mm long , 1,793 wide and 1,471 high, with a long wheelbase of 2,649 mm.

Skoda Scala camouflaged lateral

The battle is quite extended for a car of less than 4.4 meters, so you must have a very generous interior space. From Skoda they report that " leaves nothing to be desired and approaches the Skoda Octavia ". The interior differences with the Octavia in knee space, space for the elbows in the back and headroom in the back are practically nil .


One of the most characteristic features of the Czech firm is the use of space, both in the passenger compartment and in the cargo space. In this case, the Skoda Scala offers a trunk of 467 liters , expandable up to 1,410 if seats are lowered. In this way, when it hits the market, it is probably the largest boot in its category.

Five thrusters and chassis control

Skoda Scala camouflaged rear profile

All Skoda Scala engines will have in common that they will be supercharged , will have direct injection and stop & start system and energy recovery in braking. It goes without saying that they will comply with the emission regulations Euro 6d-TEMP .

Engine Power Transmission
Engine Power Transmission
1.0 TSI 95 HP Manual 5v
1.0 TSI 115 CV Manual 6v or DSG7
1.5 TSI 150 CV Manual 6v or DSG7
1.6 TDI 115 CV Manual 6v or DSG7
1.0 G-TEC (Natural Gas) 90 CV Manual 6v

Skoda tells us that the new Scala will offer very safe and agile driving characteristics with your standard chassis But he adds that an optional Sport Chassis Preset will also be available with two different settings, normal and sport, with a body height reduced by 15 mm.A novelty is the Side Assist , which is an improvement of the blind spot control because it detects vehicles that approach 70 meters away, whereas before it did about 20 meters. There is no lack of rear traffic alert, adaptive cruise control or Park Assist. Both automatic emergency braking and maintenance on the rail are standard on the Scala.

But there are also important passive safety systems. For example, we can talk about the Crew Protect Assist , which closes all the windows and tightens the seat belts automatically, the multi-collision brake, which prevents the car from moving in an uncontrolled way after a crash, or the emergency emergency call. On the other hand, up to nine airbags are available .


Although we have not yet been able to see inside, we already know that the Skoda Scala will offer a digital instrument panel "Virtual Cockpit" optionally, using a screen of no less than 10.25 inches. The main screen for the Infotainment system, which runs in the center of the dashboard, measures 9.2 inches. There will be no shortage of Skoda Connect services, with extended functions such as opening and closing from the smartphone or updating the maps directly, without going through the workshop.

Some details of the exterior design

Skoda Scala camouflaged rear profile

Although the images that the Czech brand has given us do not reveal many details, we can already look at some interesting features . For example, we can take a look at its silhouette, the front grille and the design of the daytime LED lights, the straight lines of its rear and the upper wing.

Skoda has taken the bother to inform us that the new Skoda Scala will optionally offer headlights and rear lights with full LED lighting. In addition, this will be the first model of the brand to incorporate dynamic rear indicators ; what always gives a much more elegant touch to any model.

To finish, there is no shortage of the typical Simply Clever solutions of the company, such as the umbrella included in the driver's door Rolls-Royce style or the ice scraper behind the fuel filler flap. In this model, although optionally, a retractable towball is added that can be deployed and folded by pressing a button in the trunk.

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