Presented in Amsterdam, the new Volkswagen T-Cross expands the range of the German firm with a more urban model and dedicated especially to young people.

This is the Volkswagen T-Cross: The new German SUV for the younger public

The day arrived, as we told you last Tuesday, Volkswagen has presented the world, in three simultaneous events in Shanghai, Amsterdam and Sao Paulo, a new member in its range SUV, the Volkswagen T-Cross . With a modern and jovial aspect, with current electronic music and rhythm of drums, those of Wolfsburg presented their new SUV.

The Volkswagen T-Cross has some lines inherited directly from the Tiguan and the T-Roc , the last one launched in the range until now. Its silhouette is robust, typical of an SUV, but it also has modern details that reinforce its personality, something very important for the target audience, young people.

As explained in the global presentation, and before going into detail, the Volkswagen T-Cross will be available to place your order from December , and it will not be until April when let's see one of them through our streets.

In the event also highlighted the provision of security for a product aimed at the urban environment, which coincides with the youth, public to which it is specially directed.

Exterior design familiar and at the same time innovative

Developed on the MQB platform , the Volkswagen T-Cross inherits the best of both worlds, combining the robustness of the Volkswagen Tiguan together with the style and modernity of the T-Roc. On the one hand, it has urban shapes, an elegant design and innovative elements, such as the rear pilots, always keeping the straight lines of the Group's vehicles, but at the same time with the robust aesthetic of the SUV.

The front of the T-Cross is dominated by a large grid , similar to the one we can find in the Tiguan or the T-Roc. The hood has a considerable height, an aspect of the current SUV, and has a square proportions, which is common in German designs. According to Volkswagen, they want the T-Cross to be a model which the public in general can identify from a distance. Undoubtedly, along with the large grille and day LEDs with L-shaped, they have achieved it. In the lower part of the front we can also find the fog lights.

Moving to the side, highlights the nerve that starts from the badge that will define the version of the model and that dies in the rear pilots, strengthening its robust but modern silhouette, and endowing of certain logic to the German design. This line also joins the door handles. The frames of the windows, on the other hand, have a chromed around you.

Finishing in the rear , we find in the upper part a small spoiler, as well as a few rear pilots with Full LED technology and a very original and innovative design, which does not look like anything seen in any model of the German firm.On the other hand, the capacity of the trunk will oscillate between 385 and 455 liters. Its total available volume will increase to 1,281 liters if the row of rear seats is reclined, leaving a flat floor.

Three gasoline engines and a single diesel option

Even though in the event no mention was made of the engines that will incorporate the Volkswagen T-Cross, the new SUV of the German firm will have four options , among which three will be gasoline. As planned, all the thrusters will have turbo.

Starting with gasoline engines , we found the 1.0 TSI three-cylinder with two options, one of 95 horses and another of 115 The most powerful engine to date of the T-Cross will be the 1.5 TSI of four cylinders that will grant a maximum power of 150 horses. The only diesel variant will be the 1.6 TDI four-cylinder and 95 horsepower. All these thrusters comply with the Euro 6d-TEMP emission regulations.

Safety first

They already emphasized the global presentation event and it is no wonder, security is an aspect important for Volkswagen, and they have made it clear in their new T-Cross . The standard equipment includes numerous safety elements, which until recently were reserved only for high-end vehicles.

As standard, the Volkswagen T-Cross features braking emergency and pedestrian detection, unintentional lane change assistant, hill start assistance, an active protection system for occupants and dead-angle detector for lane changes, which will be included together with the rear traffic assistant. As optional, the Volkswagen T-Cross will also feature a parking assistant, adaptive cruise control or driver alert system, as well as fatigue detection.

On the other hand, in a product especially designed for young people, could not miss the connectivity with the smartphone . The Volkswagen T-Cross will feature Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as well as four USB ports and the ability to incorporate wireless charging. It is also important to emphasize an audio system produced by Beats, which will add 300W of power to the passenger compartment as an option. The digital instrument cluster, named by Volkswagen, Digital Cockpit, will also be present as optional.

Produced in Spain

The Volkswagen T-Cross will be produced jointly with the Volkswagen Polo in the factory that the German firm owns in Pamplona (Navarra) . The investment for the production of the new SUV is one billion euros, and by 2019 sales are expected similar to those that the T-Roc has achieved worldwide, with more than 1 million units sold. This, on the other hand, makes clear the strength of the SUV segment throughout the world and the importance of having several models of this segment in the Volkswagen range. In fact, 1 out of 5 SUVs in the world belong to Volkswagen.

Offensive Volkswagen SUV

From now until 2022, the Wolfsburg plan an offensive with more than 25 vehicles electric that will come gradually during these four years .According to her, the T-Cross is cool, jovial, but also safe, something important in the city. A curious anecdote was that, in the event, the car was put to him several times, and it cost him to leave the scene. A funny scene as a result of a live event where everything can happen.

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