After several months of progress, the McLaren Speedtail that will go into production is already official and surprised by its technical data and aerodynamic care

The production McLaren Speedtail surprises with its technique and aesthetics

The details surrounding the launch of the McLaren Speedtail They have been expanding for months At first we knew the number of manufactured units and their interior configuration would be the same as F1 . In a second step, the Woking house announced that the power of its powertrain would be higher than 1,000 HP. And finally, we could see a very expensive and exclusive badge .

All this, to announce to the world that the McLaren most radical is one of the hiperdeportivos that will have more to talk about in the coming years. However, it has not been until it has been presented to the world, that we have all its data. In an event held in London the brand managers have revealed their, until now, more exclusive creation. All this, under the watchful eye of its owners, because the production of the Speedtail is already sold.

Design of McLaren Speedtail

The McLaren Speedtail , even if it does not look like it, is a model of great magnitude. The 5.13 meters in length of his body, are hidden by some sensual lines. In them the aerodynamics is the absolute protagonist. For this, ultra-high-tech materials such as carbon fiber combined with other reinforced composites are given.

According to Woking's house symmetry is the principle on which they were inspired to design the Speedtail . If we draw an imaginary line in the central axis of the hypercar, we can see how one side and others are the same. In the front stand out optical groups of discreet size and LED composition. Under them is a bumper of simple lines that is complemented by a discreet splitter .

The aesthetics of McLaren Speedtail can be customized to customer's taste thanks to McLaren Special Operations (MSO)

In the side area there are some door mirrors located on the doors, which are Equipped with a camera . The alloy wheels above have a special fairing to improve aerodynamics. In the rear, the two exhaust exits and the different ailerons and active aerodynamic appendages patented by McLaren stand out.

Quality interior with identical layout that the F1

The interior layout of the McLaren Speedtail is identical to what the legendary F1 had. To access the interior you have to open some doors, generous in size, with opening in the form of scissors. After them, you will find the latest technology and a quality overwhelming. In addition, the light floods the entire interior, as the ceiling is practically made of glass, allowing a sense of generous freedom.

The cockpit stands out for including up to five screens digital of generous size. The three located in the vicinity of the steering wheel serve to control each and every one of the driving parameters. Those located behind the pillars "A" are those that receive the signal from the digital exterior mirrors.The driver's seat is ahead, in relation to the passengers, in a few centimeters. The three will be accommodated in a bakets of generous size and shapes studied to the millimeter. Overall, the quality of the set rubs the top with materials such as leather, carbon fiber or brushed aluminum.

Technique of the model fastest McLaren

The train propeller that gives life to the McLaren Speedtail is hybrid . In the thermal part it has a twin turbo petrol block of 4.4 liters V8 inherited from the 720S. The hybrid part, although similar to that used by the P1, has been modified to improve its performance. In communion, the power is 1050 HP , a figure that allows you to reach 403 kilometers per hour.

If the top speed is amazing, the power of acceleration it is not less. This is demonstrated by the fact of reaching 300 kilometers per hour in just 12.8 seconds. Or even more, the ability to reach your maximum speed in a ridiculous 16.5 seconds . However, these numbers would not be possible if it were not for a fact to be highlighted: the lightness of the whole. The final weight recorded on the scale is a magnificent 1,430 kilos , being one of the lightest hyper sports cars in the world.

Only they will manufacture 106 units at a price of 1.9 million euros , but they are sold out

All this technology has a price, and no, it's not exactly cheap. The Speedtail is valued at 1.9 million euros. To this figure it is necessary to add a limited production to 106 units, practically the same ones that were sold of the F1. However, the series is already sold and in principle there will be no more, so if you're left wanting one, you have to forget.

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