We put to the test the Mercedes E 220 d Coupé, a saloon coupe that stands out for its comfort. Design, space, trunk, tab, behavior, photos and prices.

Test Mercedes E 220 d Coupé

The Mercedes E-Class Coupé has always stood out for its refinement and your know how to be. Knowing how to be on the road and know how to be in the parking lot of the most "chic" golf club in the city. After dissociating from the CLK surname, this model gained personality and positioning, moving away from the C family to offer more space and quality. The latest generation improves the concept, with a very elegant aesthetic and exquisite finishes. Will it comply in a thorough review? We put test the Mercedes E 220 d Coupé , unit that has given us Mercedes Automoción del Oeste, official dealer in Extremadura.

The five-door sports saloons are fashionable, not There are those who discuss it. And they are because they like sportsmanship, yes, but also out of necessity. The SUV has forced the classic saloons to risk, so much so that Peugeot, among others, has launched a 508 without frames on the doors and a fastback rear window. Despite this, the pure coupe couplings , those of a lifetime, are still struggling to survive. Mercedes, maverick, does not give up and continues to offer them in the range C, E and S. They say that the second brother of three will never be the most spoiled, has that happened in Mercedes?

With more authority

The new edition of the Mercedes E-Class Coupe features with a body that measures no less than 4.83 meters long, 1.86 meters wide and 1.43 meters high. This new body is 12.3 centimeters longer, more than 7 centimeters wider and about 3 centimeters taller. And the sums do not stay here. The track width grows 6.7 centimeters in the front axle and 6.8 inches in the rear, and the battle more than 10 centimeters. You can not talk about dynamism without starting the engine, although taking a look at these numbers it seems obvious that the dynamics have risen.


The Coupé version of the E-Class is inspired by the saloon, although it leaves us differentiating features. It is not easy to find differences if we look at both in front, being in this view similar. The pilots stand out, but even more so the grill of large dimensions and diamond finish in this version. The star presides over the front, it does it with pride and strength animated by the large air intakes of the bumper that strengthen its sporty character.

But never fails to maintain composure. First of all, he is a gentleman who dresses elegantly and does not seek attention, or at least not too much. The profile shows a coupe silhouette with a high waist line and abundant chrome. I fall in love with its fastback aspect, with a short front overhang, a nose of significant length and a horizontal drop of the rear window. The wheels, 19-inch signed by AMG, put the alcohol in this coffee only with ice.

The profile gives us the key to differentiate this version that our eyes see, exactly the same as behind. We are facing a completely different rear to the E-Class saloon but similar to the C Coupe and S Coupé. Here there is no doubt, or has a "strange ass" or resembles the already extinct Renault Laguna Coupé. The back is well finished and convinces as much as the front.Everything in this cabin reminds his brother saloon, with the same feeling of quality and refinement. At first sight, the union of the instrument panel with the central console stands out, a solution that in this unit is less showy. The instrument panel is traditional and does not use the well-known digital screen. The central console, on the other hand, if it shows this resource of no less than 12.3 inches from which we manage the infotainment system. The TouchPad will help us in this control, although in my case it continues to help me just to support my hand while I'm handling the selection wheel.

The LCD screen that animates the dashboard is just right above the air vents and the little buttons that can be found in this cabin. The famous black piano, very dirty but very striking, surrounds the buttons of the audio system and the climate control. The transmission tunnel, high and with luminous details, also hides a large storage space. The absence of a change selector relieves the space, obviously I must accept even if I do not like it. The perceived quality is outstanding, the feeling is clean and luxurious. Everything seems to be in place, everything seems to be well placed; Audi style.

Four practicable seats

The driving position puts you in a sporty position, with a correct inclination and good height adjustment. The seats, pleasant to the touch and sporty design, manage to fix your back without getting uncomfortable. The seats, of good fluff, first of all want us to be comfortable. We are not looking at a pure sports car, we are talking about a car with an aristocratic heart and an athletic body. The steering wheel, part of the AMG line finish, has a perfect thickness and is flattened at the bottom. It hides the cams and change selector, and despite not being as nice as we see in the latest models of the brand, in my opinion is perfect for driving.

The front seats are wide , although that is not difficult to guess. The problem comes when we want to occupy those in the second row. In this case we find two places very practicable , with large space for the knees and a correct height. Only if you roam the 1.85 meters high you will have problems, because your head will rub against the roof and with the wide pillar of the side. For its part, the luggage compartment leaves 425 liters to store our luggage, about 25 liters larger than the Mercedes C-Class Coupe and 35 liters smaller than the BMW 6 Series Coupe. You will not miss more space, but more usable forms, with a fair entry mouth and uncomfortable angles.

The access engine

The unit that runs magazine in these lines hides under its skin the 220 d engine, the option of access to the range of the beautiful German coupe. We speak of a diesel engine of four cylinders and 2.0 liters of cubic capacity, heart that develops 194 horsepower and a pair of 400 Nm . It announces a correct acceleration, with 7.4 seconds in the 0-100 km/h test. In addition, it declares consumed contents, remaining at 4.2 l/100 km on average according to the brand's words.

Even though we have almost 200 horsepower under the right foot, the weight of the model, of no less than 1,735 kg., passes bill. The reactions of mechanics are in no case radical or forceful, and that is to push a light body at all. It's not that he does not run, of course not. Try forgetting the speedometer for a while, you'll get more of a shock when you look at it again and your wallet with a good ax.When it comes to advancing or leaving complicated situations, it behaves agilely. In the same way it stands out for the few vibrations that it transmits to the passenger compartment and for the sound, which will only become annoying if you look for the red zone of the rev counter. As you know, this new mechanic replaces the well-known 2.1 liters, improving in sections such as weight thanks to the use of aluminum and other lightweight materials.

Nine speeds

The nine-speed automatic transmission 9G-Tronic , present in all versions of the model, improves the efficiency of this model but also the comfort of running. Consumptions, at least officially, have been reduced with it, with an improvement in lubrication and the reduction of it. It weighs the same as the seven-speed automatic transmission, in addition to emitting less unpleasant noises.

The smoothness with which gear each gear is highlighted, with a touch always comfortable and a remarkable subtlety in the way of working. You will hardly notice the changes of march, being those of low regime imperceptible. In sports driving, and with the Sport + mode activated, it is fast, but maybe not as much as I would have liked, or at least its management. Sometimes, in fast outputs linked with the pedal to the bottom leaves you waiting for a further reduction. It always arrives, like Christmas, but sometimes you wait for the gift with more impatience.

Between cottons

The tare of the Mercedes E-Class Coupé pampers the occupants. The suspension , even in the most sporty driving modes, never becomes dry or hard. Compared with his older brothers of similar approach, like the Mercedes CLS that we tried a few weeks ago, it is somewhat more plumb and sporty, but its demeanor in no case becomes annoying or careless with your back.

The weak point of his chassis are the changes of support , also sinning in the blunt braking. In strong entrances it tends to understeer, and in spite of being a rear traction only if you are very sharp you will notice a scarce oversteer. With a high weight, tires of 275 width and 194 horsepower, there is little room for the rear train to go free. And that is not the purpose. The Mercedes E-Class Coupé wants to take you from point A to point B with refinement, style and comfort, a lot of comfort. You can take it to your favorite mountain road and enjoy it, but he prefers to devour kilometers and kilometers with you as if it were centimeters.

The team of brakes is up to the task, with ventilated discs and good dimensions on both axes. The address is also, with a direct touch and good reactions. It will be easy for you to get used to it, you have filin in its handling from the first moment. In addition, with the different driving modes, its hardness is adjusted, always trying to adapt to each situation.

And in consumption ... surprise!

The Stuttgart-based company announces a average fuel consumption for its Mercedes E 220 d Coupé of 4.2 l/100 km, being 3.8 l/100 km on the road and 4 , 7 l/100 km in urban environments. And in practice, and not being the first time that happens to us with Mercedes diesel engines, the surprise has been capitalized, at least in the extra-urban section. On the national highway, at 100 km/h rigorous the Mercedes E 200 d Coupé has spent 3.9 l/100 km, "nailing" by little the official figure.On average in the test, after more than 400 km with lots of city and secondary roads, consumption has been 6.5 l/100 km.


The Mercedes E-Class Coupé does not It offers defined levels of equipment, finding the access finish and the AMG line. The latter, present in our test unit, stands out for mounting grille in diamond effect, AMG wheels 19 or 20 inches and Rear bumper with side openings. Inside, on the other hand, we have a sports pedal board, seats in imitation leather and alcantara, a sports steering wheel and AMG mats.

The brand also bets on safety in its Medium coupe with a cast of driving assistants who work to make the driving experience a simpler job. The Drive Pilot package includes most of them, with the system with stop function and automatic restart of the road during traffic jams, the maintenance system in the lane that does not need lines on the road, automatic lane change assistant and the headlights with LED technology of adaptive lighting.


The sportiest body of the Mercedes E-Class continues to be characterized by its refinement and elegance, being a car that is also distinguished by a great ride comfort. It can take four adults without problem, sinking in height in the rear seats as could be expected. Its technological level is in line with the company's new products, highlighted by its driving assistants. As for the design I'll make it easy for you, we're looking at one of the most beautiful coupé sedans on the market .

This Teuton is not the most suitable model to enjoy between links. For that we have the Mercedes SLC, the SL, the AMG GT or even his little brother, the C-Class Coupé, lighter and easier to carry. His job is to take you between cottons, and believe me he does. As for the competition it is hard to find direct rivals, being a bigger and more exclusive car than the BMW 4 Series Coupé and Audi A5 Coupé and less luxurious than the Bentley Continental GT or Maserati Gran Turismo.

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