These are the tricks you must apply to clean the car's windows. Especially with mosquito stains, bird droppings and the like.

How to clean car windows: mosquitoes, bird droppings, dust ...

No We cheat, although the motor world usually attracts more men, when we talk about cleaning, the ones who know most are our mothers, grandmothers or anyone who has been a housekeeper for many years. They know all the tricks to remove any dirt, so when cleaning the crystals , even those of the car , you have to resort to the tricks that have been using all the life.

There are hundreds of specific cleaning products, but in this article we are going to give you the keys to clean the windows like a professional , without having to spend more money than you should. . The safest thing is that you find everything you're going to mention in your home or for a few cents in any supermarket . In any case, if you opt for a window cleaner, the tips that we will give you will be equally useful for you.

First step: the fattest with water

If your car's crystals are full of dust, pollen or Another accumulated dirt, it is advisable that you give it a hose before you start . If you do not have a hose at hand and you do not want to go to the typical pressure washing, just use a bucket with water and a cloth to remove the dirt yourself. This process must be done independently of the products you are going to use afterwards. If not, you will create a plasta with the mixture of the dirt and the product that you use.

Beware of hot crystals

Avoid cleaning when the glass in your car is hot. If you do, the cleaning product you use will evaporate very soon and will dry the stains . When this happens, they become much harder and harder to remove. For this reason, the first step can be recommended simply to cool the glass , even if it is not full of dirt.

Second step: spray the mixture

Once you have eliminated the fattest thing with water, you should use the cleaning products. Spray the mixture on the glass . We're going to give you three recipes so you can choose the one that best suits what you have on hand. You may complete the operation without spending a penny. A window cleaner is also valid, but keep in mind that they are designed to dry soon. Something that is not good for some dry spots of bird droppings, mosquitoes or similar.

Recipe 1

  • 3 Water parts
  • 1 vinegar. It does not need to be vinegar cleaning, it can be any apple vinegar or wine, as cheap as possible. They usually cost around 50 cents in supermarkets.

Recipe 2

  • 3 parts of water
  • 1 ammonia
  • You can add a splash of dishwashing liquid detergent. The equivalent of a teaspoon for 1 liter of mixture.

Recipe 3

  • Half a glass of alcohol
  • Fill with water to complete 1 liter
  • You can add a splash of dishwashing liquid detergent.The mixture dries earlier due to alcohol and if that happens without these stains have been removed, only cause them to hold more.

    Third step: leave it act a few minutes

    Remove the product or mixture before it dries . Use a cloth moistened with water . If you want, do it a couple of times rinsing it to remove any rest. If you see solidified spots that have not been removed, hit them quickly, because if they dry they will become more difficult to remove.

    Trick for excrement of bird, dry mosquitoes, etc.

    If there are spots that are not removed in any of the ways there is a very useful trick. Leave a wet cloth on top of the stain for a few hours. Do not be raucous with water, be well soaked. With this method you will get rehydrate the stain to make it easier to remove.

    Fourth step: brightens

    To shine a cotton cloth that does not loose fluff (those made with old sheets are the best). A kitchen or newspaper will fulfill this function and a microfiber cloth as well, although the latter generate a lot of static electricity and attract more dust. Something that is noticeable especially when you clean the crystals inside.

    And if you use a specific product ...

    El supermarket, gas stations and other stores are full of window cleaners or car-specific cleaning products. You can also buy some online such as Multiglass, Ecoshine or K-Glass. If you opt for this option, all the recommendations that we have given you before are valid. In short, use what you use , apply these tips :

    • The dense dirt You must remove it only with water
    • Do not apply products on the hot glass
    • Leave the product for a while, but remove it always before it dries
    • Remove the product with a damp cloth
    • Rehydrate the stains Do not leave leaving a wet cloth on for a few hours.
    • Dry with paper or a dry, lint-free cloth
    If you want to know more about taking care of a car, do not miss the article: What are the most expensive faults to repair in a car and how to avoid them.

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